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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Gong Bath Experiences; What Happens During a Gong Bath?

We have been really lucky to get some feedback recently in a letter describing a Gong Bath experience as it was felt "from the floor" at the Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts studio in Troy, NY.

We thank Glory-Anne so much for this and extend an invitation to feel free to share your own experiences as well via our Facebook Page!

Hi! I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing gong bath at Heartspace this afternoon. This was my second time taking part in one with you. I thought I would share my experience in a "from the floor" perspective. Very different from my first time (April) I was more relaxed and more aware. Right away I felt an incredible amount of vibration through my body. I could feel it in my toes, up my body including the tip of my nose, and leaving through the top of my head. I was able to follow the vibrations cycle several times through. What I thought was most amazing was the energy that I felt in my hands. At first I thought of my hands as an extra set of ears because I was able to "hear/feel" more when I turned them towards you. I had my own satellite dishes -so to speak. Changing the angle of my hands changed the amount of vibration. The vibration equalled energy and I decided to turn my hands towards each other. The energy that went back and forth between my hands was probably the most intense that I have ever felt. I played with distance and rotation as you were bringing us through the session. The amount of energy actually became too much once or twice and I had to shake out my hands and rub them. I made a conscious decision to draw some of the energy into my body. As I am writing this I can feel energy memory tingling in my hands. I am so thankful that you have become apart of my journey. Today I was brought into my body with something that I could "name" and actually measure. You have helped me to become aware of the space that I call myself on an almost cellular level. At the same time you have also made a grand statement. So big that the imagery of huge mountains and flying came to me this afternoon as well. All that within an hour's time! Thank you again, Glory-Anne

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