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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gong Bath Event Photos in Albany, Latham, Troy, and New York, NY.

We have been fortunate this year to host dozens of Gong Bath events in Upstate New York with our gongs making it to Albany, Latham, Troy, Woodstock, Monroe, and back home to Saratoga Springs, New York. 

 People often ask after our gong baths if there's any special meaning to the seeming odd and crudely assembled images I use to promote each gong bath on Facebook. 

Sometimes I am inspired by a theme but I am almost always quick to google a specific term for the theme and determined to stay committed even if the final image seems a little silly.

Here are a few of my favorites from 2017 featuring some of our own tuned Paiste planet gongs!

Gong Bath Saratoga Springs, NY
Dreams of Baby Ophelia hearing our Temple Gong

Gong Bath Saratoga Springs, NY
Baby Nefeli Singing Bowl before the Gong Bath

Gong Bath Albany, NY
Gong Bath Holidays Dare, Tibetan Chakra Gong

Gong Bath Latham, NY
Gong Bath Cuttlefish with Tuned Paiste Neptune Gong

Gong Bath Troy, New York
Gong Bath Galileo with Paiste Symphonic Gong

Gong Bath, Troy, NY
Gong Bath Tuned Paiste Moon Gong

Gong Bath Latham, NY
Gong Bath Saturn, Tuned Paiste Planet Gong

Gong Bath Winter Solstice with Tuned Paiste Sun Gong and Gong Lab Logo

Gong Bath, Latham NY
Gong Bath Thanksgiving with Sun Gong

Gong Bath, Troy New York
Gong Bath, Double Session with Sun Gong and Saturn

Gong Bath, Christmas

Gong Bath, Saint Patrick's Day with Don Conreaux Gong
Some of our less creative gong bath event pages use less creative themes from (un)creative commons but that start with a googled theme:

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for 2018 Gong Bath events and updates!



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