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Friday, May 15, 2015

Gong Bath tonight in Latham!

Here's a copy of Nick's recent email to our list friends. It's been a real campsite-bear trying to enter, re-enter, and sometimes just guess letters to see if we've entered something incorrectly but good news! If you didn't get the email and want to make sure you get future emails, pls text GONGLAB to 22828 and you should be automatically (and accurately!) added to the list. Thanks! JP
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We are jazzed by the energy of spring and the new additions to our gong family. The interplay of harmonics created when sound waves overlap is one of the things that makes each lab unique. Each new gong has the ability to modify the others making exponentially more variety in sound wave patterns.
Cymatics is the study of visual sound. There are several ways of creating visual representations of sound, the easiest is to close your eyes during a gong lab. Just like ripples on a pond the vitrious humor (gel inside eyes) begins to vibrate with the resonance of the gongs. Relaxed with eyes closed, subtle shapes and undulating patterns emerge by the same waves that create sound.
Friday, 15th of May 7:30
The Pilates Principle
578 New Loudon Rd. Latham, NY
Our regular third Friday event at the beautiful Pilates Principle. Join Gong Brother Jim and I as we continue to explore the new additions to our gong family. This is an all alloy event with gongs and metal bowls. The Pilates Principle is plenty big enough to bring a friend and spread out a bit. Join us!
Saturday, 1st of August ~ 4pm
Heartspace Troy
10 Second St. Troy, NY
Our cool out summertime Lab series will kick off in Troy on August first. Full Details to follow.
Gong Lab
The Gong lab is a sound and vibration meditation experiment. We use gongs, singing bowls and other equipment to facilitate relaxation and cultivate a rejuvenating experience. The gong produces a continuum of sound or holistic resonance found in living objects that vibrate with every cell in their being. The gong is an engine of resonate power or "feeling" tones. Feeling tones are felt in a kinesthetic way as a result of sustained tone production of long, low waves of low frequency sound waves or oscillations. The body responds to prolonged saturation of sound by listening like a big ear, hearing with feeling. When this happens, the mental, emotional and physical bodies become both super-conductive, and super-regenerating as the strain caused by the normal resistance of the ego-identity no longer exists as a disease factor. Or it just sounds cool.
Gong Labs are donation based. We ask for $10-$20 but we want you there no matter what. Tell us you are coming and reserve a space via our facebook page or call 518.389.2200.
See you Soon!

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