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Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Mega Gong Bath Schedule in Troy & Latham, NY

The Gong Lab is growing thanks to the good fortune of having met and performed with Grammy-nominated percussionist David Macejka.

May 2nd, 4PM and 5:30PM

This will be the first time Nick and I will bring the entire fifteen Gong collection to Troy AND be accompanied by Diane's singing bowls.

There will be two sessions, at 4PM and 5:30PM.

We have spent a month literally shaking mortar from the walls of the GongLab and though we have tried, we have been unable to record any audio with a device that can truly accommodate the deep vibrations we've been able to generate with them...

In addition to our 4 tuned planet gongs, the 44" Wind Gong, and our beloved "Walter", we will be introducing the following gongs for the first time in Troy on Saturday:

6 Himalayan Chakra Gongs
32" "Subatomic" Chau
40" Chau
48" Thai Temple

The Heartspace Troy events have been very popular and we've heard feedback from folks that have traveled to the event, only to be turned away due to a lack of space...

We take this type of feedback seriously so we're offering two consecutive sessions on Saturday and Diane will coordinate to make sure that folks listed as "going" on the Facebook event page and sign-ups from Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts schedule will be seated first.

We will be holding reservations through our Facebook page, here.

Friday, May 15th at 7:30PM

Our monthly event in Latham, this is typically an all alloy Lab with just gongs and metal bowls. We intend to hire a helper so we can make Latham a 'mega' session with the complete collection as well.

The Gong lab is a sound and vibration meditation experiment. We use gongs, singing bowls and other equipment to facilitate relaxation and cultivate a rejuvenating experience. The  gong produces a continuum of sound or holistic resonance found in living objects that vibrate with every cell in their being. The gong is an engine of resonate power or "feeling" tones. Feeling tones are felt in a kinesthetic way as a result of sustained tone production of long, low waves of low frequency sound waves or oscillations. The body respondes to prolonged saturation  of sound by listening like a big ear, hearing with feeling. When  this happens, the mental, emotional and physical bodies become both super-conductive, and super-regenerating  as the strain caused by the normal resistance of the ego-identity no longer exists as a disease factor. Or it just sounds cool.

We can't wait to share this with you!

We will create a Facebook for the Latham gong bath on the Tuesday before the event, follow us here for updates.

Suggested donation $15


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