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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Audio File from our Recent Gong Bath and More September Dates Announced!

We hope to see you soon in Upstate New York!

On Friday, September 19th and at a new time, 7:30 PM, we will be at The Pilates Principle & Gyrotonic of Albany located at 578 Loudon Rd, Latham, New York 12110

We are hoping to be at Hot Yoga, Saratoga on Sunday, September 28th at 5:45 PM and I will update our Facebook Page if there are any issues but Gong Brother Nick has confirmed.

We may hosting two different sessions at Heartspace Yoga's Troy location on Saturday, October 11th, we will update our Facebook Page and this post when the details are announced.

We will be returning to Latham Pilates on Friday, the 17th October at 7:30PM

Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to our Teacher and Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux!

Nick has been lucky enough to attend a several more training sessions with Don recently and many of you who know that we often reference Don or some of his works in almost all of our sessions.

I cannot express the gratitude we have to Don and the importance of his teachings have in our own practice.

Don travels the world, almost non-stop, and has for many many years. He is focused on bringing the gong to the world through the training of others who may one day speak for him with the gong.

There are a number of ways to get acquainted with Don Conreaux, follow his travels, and possibly attend a gong bath with him or be in the same place at the same time for a moment, or to train and learn from years of experience and reflection.

As an intro, I found that the Nature & Health's interview with him (written by Jan Purser) is interesting and paints a quick picture; You can read the interview "Gong Healing" at Holistic Resonance.   Additional articles can be found directly on the news page of Holistic Resonance

Don's personal website, including his global whereabouts, can be found here at www.DonConreaux.com. 

On facebook he of course has a personal page, but I find his page for Mysterious Tremendum to be full of links to great and frequently updated content:  https://www.facebook.com/MysteriousTremendum . 

Long before Nick and I went to visit Don, I had purchased both Gongs of Our Solar System and one of the Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble's CD's. This was a great straddle between the pure clean sessions on each planetary gong, and the performance and idea of the Gongs with Shruti. Just a tip, this is NOT good background music if you're driving. but it's perfect for long flights (I am not sure if I just made a gong joke or double entendre but I like the sound of it! JP).

Although I highly advise getting all of Don's books, "The Magnum Opus of the Gong" is one we always have present and can provide decent background before a master training session. Don't be fooled by the books' sizes; each sentence therein is 'one inch wide but a mile deep'.

I will try to update this post soon with the best current links to Don's books and CD's - JP

Monday, September 1, 2014

Troy and Latham Gong Bath Calendar, September 2014!

 Our Summer hiatus is done and we are feeling refreshed
and recharged. We'll be back to our regular events in Troy
and Latham and sprinkling in new events in different parts
of the region on a less regular basis. Our backbone events
will be back on the first Saturday in Troy, and third Friday
in Latham of each month.  
Saturday, 6th of September~4PM
Heartspace Troy
10 Second St. Troy  
We miss you Troy! After two months of 

not seeing each other we are feeling some pangs of withdrawal. 
Plan on a super event with the whole crew this Saturday.   
Friday, 19th of September~7PM
 The Pilates Principle
578 New Loudon Rd. Latham 
  This will be close to the Autumnal equinox and nothing helps
ease the change of season like a gong bath. Join us!
Saratoga Lab-TBD
Hot Yoga Saratoga
75 Woodlawn Ave, Saratoga Springs 
We are hammering out our Saratoga Lab day for September and
will let you know ASAP.

Gong Lab 
The Gong lab is a sound and vibration meditation experiment.
We use gongs, singing bowls and other equipment to facilitate
relaxation and cultivate and rejuvenating experience. The  gong
produces a continuum of sound or holistic resonance found in
living objects that vibrate with every cell in their being. The gong
is an engine of resonate power or "feeling" tones. Feeling tones
are felt in a kinesthetic way as a result of sustained tone
production of long, low waves of low frequency sound waves or
oscillations. The body respondes to prolonged saturation  of
sound by listening like a big ear, hearing with feeling. When 
this happens, the mental, emotional and physical bodies become
both super-conductive, and super-regenerating  as the strain
caused by the normal resistance of the ego-identity no longer
exists as a disease factor. Or it just sounds cool!

Gong Labs are donation based. We ask for $10-$20 but we want
you there no matter what. Bring a friend for their first time as our
special guest for free. Tell us you are coming and reserve a space
via our facebook event page or call 518.389.2200.

See you soon!