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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Private Gong Baths now available in Saratoga Springs at Bodywork Professionals!

Private Gong Baths now available in The Gong Room at Bodywork Professionals in Saratoga Springs, NY!

The Gong Lab is now accommodating private Gong Bath and Sound Healing sessions in The Gong Room that you have heard Nick and I talking about during our public events. This is where we’ve initiated the practice and experimentation that has been manifested over the years in a group setting and is now available for customized, one on one sessions offering a level of control, guidance, and interaction not available in a group setting.

Gong Lab - Gong Baths and Meditation in Saratoga Springs, NY
The Gong Bath Room at Bodywork Professionals in Saratoga Springs, NY

What’s different?
The most noticeable difference between a group gong event and a private session is the amount of focus and customization on and for your needs and goals specifically. Although Nick and I always establish and maintain an intention in our public events; the private event allows us to construct a custom intention and path, with your optional guidance, specifically designed to maximize the healing events engendered by this vibration.

There is no wrong way to do it and the intention is limitless!
You may simply lie down silently and take a true ‘power nap’, or use the option to talk and explore physical, spiritual, or emotional healing goals in every aspect of new-life, life-change, and end-of-life anxieties.

What to expect?
-Consultation, planned interaction levels and methods
-Establishing private Intention / Goals (discussion and orientation)
-Custom pacing and intensity with re-entry options
-Optional participation, path or method creation for longer-term journeys

Contact us now to book an evening Gong Bath session in Saratoga Springs!

[t] (518) 290 0271
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There is no wrong way to receive this vibration!

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Gong Bath Relaxtion

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Gong Bath Meditation

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