Thursday, February 1, 2018

Gong Baths of 2018 and News from The Gong Lab

2018 will be an exciting year for the Gong Lab as we redouble our focus on bringing the power of The Gong and the gong bath experience to as many people in our community as possible.

We are part of a global community of Gong Masters trained under Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and are change-agents with goals no less lofty than the very transition of our species on its evolutionary path from Homo Sapiens to "Homo Luminous"!

In practical terms, this means that we will increase our availability and activity and do our best to be open to new events, collaborations, and one-on-one sessions like an open parent doing its best to never say 'no' when the motivation is born of curiosity and a desire to explore.

Use our contact info below to stay in touch or reach out to us with questions or ideas for future collaboration, bookings, or event calendars.

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Call Jim and leave a message for bookings and private sessions in Saratoga Springs:
[gv] 518 290 0271


Event Notes, January and February 2018:

Lululemon Athletica, Gong Meditation; Albany, NY

Video below of Jim with the priceless "Walter" gong made by master gong maker Walter Meyer at the end of his life and long career.

We just finished an amazing early morning event at the Lulu Lemon Athletica in Albany at Crossgates. Some of the more self-identified purist seekers might protest that a retail 'store' may not be the best place for a meditation, but this was amazing! Special thanks to Adam Galarneau of Lululemon, Lisa O'brien from LifeYum, and Katie Colins Yoga for integrating us into this amazing event. It was an inspiration to empty the store and create such a unique space so quickly for more than 60 people participate in an experiment that was assuredly a sight-to-see for the friendly 'mall walkers' who stopped to peer through the windows of the shop! Thanks to Hayley from Saratoga Tea & Honey for sending us all on our way with gifts of her custom Gen Mai Chocolate.


Latham Experimental Gong Bath; New Gongs in Latham, NY

Wow! Special thanks to Grammy nominated David Macejka for turning us on with 3 new gongs, including the massive Paiste Sound Creation and two vintage Paiste Symphonic gongs as well as 3 of the vintage Paiste circle stands made famous by Pink Floyd live at Pompeii.  These gongs are gorgeous and we are happy to have them join our ensemble. Our monthly experimental lab in Latham was their first appearance and we were so fortunate to be joined by fellow Gong Master Deb Segal of Segal Violins in Troy this special night.

Experimental Gong Bath New York

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Private Gong Baths and Sound Healing Sessions are now available in Saratoga Springs in the Gong Cave at Bodyworks Professionals

I wrote about this last week in a post HERE and we have a had a great month of training and private sessions. Please call Jim for details or evening appointments at [gv] 518 290 0271 or email us at

We are so excited for the Gongs to rest in this beautiful space:

Gonglab Soundhealing New York


Coming Soon! Gong Baths at Hot Yoga Queensbury!

We are so glad to be coming back to our sessions at Hot Yoga Queensbury; Please follow us on Facebook for details (coming soon).

Gonglab Gong Bath New York


New "Double Sessions" in Troy at Heartspace Yoga with Diane Simpson

We are excited to announce another pair of "Every Other 1st Saturday" events in Troy. To accommodate guests and keep the room from feeling crowded we will now be offering a 2nd sessions in Troy. Reservations are required through the Troy Heartspace MindBody and we are happy to announce the continued collaboration between the Gong Brothers and Diane Simpson with her collection of crystal bowls and her recent acquisition of our entire chakra gong collection. The look on her face says it all!

chakra gong collection


Gong Brother Jim has returned to Saratoga full time!

I am excited to be back in town and eager to discussion questions and ideas. If you are a studio, event planner, or would like to propose cooperation or please feel free to reach out directly:

Follow us or message us on Facebook:

Call Jim and leave a message for bookings and private sessions in Saratoga Springs:
[gv] 518 290 0271


See you soon!

Let's take part of this journey together!

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