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Friday, October 21, 2016

October 2016... Training as Journeymen Gong Masters with Don Conreaux

Nick and I are fresh off a 4 day weekend at the Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York where we had the honor or training under Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux.

It's exciting to see such a full room of seekers quickly realizing what a unique experience they had fallen into...

Don has been around the world several times since the last time we saw him, and got some exceptional coverage in an article in the Financial Times titled "Masterclass: Gong playing with Don Conreaux" and I highly advise reading the article here

“We don’t call the gong a musical instrument. It’s a power tool,” says Don Conreaux, one of the world’s most respected gong teachers. “In learning to play the gong, the musician sees it more as an engine.”

Please read the entire article at the link below:

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Albany, NY Area Gong Baths, Sound Healing, Kirtan, and Drumming Events

The Gong Brothers, James and Nick Pavoldi are happy to have had the Gong Lab's upcoming events featured in a great article by author Erin Lehn Floresca titled "Good Vibrations, Sound Healing for the Soul" in the Albany, New York edition of "Natural Awakenings":

Albany Awakenings January 2016 Sound Healing Issue
Sound Healing and Gong Baths events in New York
You can read Erin's entire article by clicking on the link HERE (pages 31 and 32)

The core of the article includes interviews and thoughts from Psychotherapist Meredith McFadden, Master Crystal Singing Bowl Artist "Ashana", filmaker Michael Stillwater, founder of Inner Harmony and Music without Borders, and Kitzie Stern, of the New World Kirtan Podcast.

The local features included Cheryl Beckmann and Daniel Roy of All Energy Yoga, psychotherapist and sound healer Maria Sunukjian, Pamela and Reinaldo Medina, Meditative drummer Zelda Hotaling, and David and Shannon Ciucevich.